Club AGM


This is the formal announcement of the Sting AGM to be held at The Staff of Life Sutton in Ashfield 19:30. All members of the club are encouraged to attend.

An agenda will be published one week before the meeting, and items to go on that agenda are now invited.

We are also looking for nominations for Exec members for the coming year per Section 7 of our constitution. The formal roles for which nominations are invited are;

Operations Director
Club Secretary
Head Coach
Welfare Executive

Applications should be made in writing (email is acceptable) to Alison Frost, Operations Director, a minimum of one week before the meeting. Sting belongs to all of us, and these nominations are actively encouraged – even if you don’t fancy one of the jobs listed above, there’s plenty of room for other roles, so do drop me a note if you can help out.

The formal business of the meeting will be as short as is practical. There will be open discussion and Q&A thereafter.

Alison Frost
GM Sutton Sting


NG17 1FB

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