Club logo


Hi everyone – we’ve had a few enquires recently about the use of the club logo so I thought it would be useful to share the following.
The logo is the official emblem of club and should not be used/ copied etc without the consent of the Executive team. It is for this reason we do not share the detail in say a PDF format.
It may help if I explain some of the rationale behind this as we fully understand players like to have merchandise associated with the club.

The following is not an exhaustive list…

We need control the use of the logo so we know exactly where it appears, thereby reducing the risk or it appearing inappropriately and potentially creating reputational damage.

We also may have contracted arrangements with manufacturers to produce certain official items (e.g clothing, accessories) with our logo so we need to ensure we do not breach any terms of any such agreements.

Please note that anyone found to be using the club logo without prior agreement from the club exec will be in breech of the player /parent code of conduct and will be dealt with accordingly.